Vanilla Imperial Porter (VIP)

Substantial, malty dark ale with a complex and flavorful roasty character coupled with vanilla undertones. Made with real Madagascar Vanilla beans. This beer is truly made for VIP's!


Alc. 6.0% // IBUs 34 

2017 - Tennessee Championship Gold Medal
2017 - Racks by the Tracks Best Low Gravity
2016 - Tennessee Championship Bronze Medal
Piedmont Pilsner

Crisp light malty flavor,  spicy hop aroma, slightly bitter with a golden color. 


Alc. 5.0% // IBUs 28 

Strawberry Pail Ale

We use 180 lbs of fresh local strawberries for every 5 barrel batch of this delightful beer! A fantastic aroma with a distinct fruity strawberry flavor that blends perfectly with a tinge of hops, this beer has a uniquely rounded flavor seldom found in fruit beers


Alc. 5.4% // IBUs 20


Chocolate/Coffee Porter - Nitro


This robust porter is made with locally roasted coffee beans sourced from a small family farm in Nicaragua.  The coffee and chocolate flavors blend well, and served from our Nitro tap, combine to give such a silky mouthfeel you'll be asking for more!


Alc. 6.0% // IBUs 30

Bearded Goat Bock


Full bodied lager beer, toasty with strong caramal notes with a subtle hop finish


Alc. 7.0% // IBUs 24 


2017 - Tennessee Championship Bronze Medal
Double Loco Imperial IPA

Intense burst of hops with citrus and floral flavors.    Perfectly balanced with consistent bitterness


Alc. 8.7% // IBUs 80 


2017 - Tennessee Championship Bronze Medal
Sunset IPA

Prominent citrus aroma with a piney refreshing finish.


Alc. 6.2% // IBUs 41

Continental Traveler

An impromptu hop trade with another local brewer resulted in a supply of Japanese hops that we just had to something with. We mixed it with hops from Germany, New Zealand, and America to create a citrus-forward IPA. Great body with a smooth and delicious head. Complex, but highly drinkable. Hops in the aroma, lemon zest on the first taste, malty middle, and nice long citrus finish


Alc. 6.7% // IBUs 95 // 12 SRMs

Barefoot Blonde

A delicious Belgian whit beer.  Made with orange peel that is perfect for summer days.  When you drink this beer, you can imagine a beautiful barefoot blonde with a surfboard walking by the ocean. It doesn't hurt that it has a lovely blonde color as well.


Alc. 6.0%


In the old days, malt was roasted over open flame.  Our Rauchbier's malts were dried over beechwood.  Barbecue in a glass!  Mixed with the carmella flavorful malts, it tastes like burnt ends of ribs held up by full bodied low bitterness and surprisingly dark color. An easy drinking beer that takes you back to how a daily drinker might taste back in the day.


Alc. 4.6% // IBUs 23